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Why Annuities

Top 4 reasons to purchase an annuity:

  1. Protection: Annuities are secured by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the companies that issue them.
  2. Growth: Insurance companies recognize that annuity-owners want growth, and annuities offer a steady guaranteed* interest rate. A fixed index annuity offers the potential for an increased interest rate linked to the rise of a specific stock market index. When the index goes down, your credited interest and principal do not lose value.
  3. Guaranteed* income: Establish your “pay money” before you spend your “play money” so you have no concerns each month about how to pay your bills: Just watch your bank statement for the annuity check.
  4. Tax Deferral: The interest you earn on an annuity is not taxed while it grows, rather your principal and earnings grow tax-deferred until you withdraw money or start annuity payments. Then, if you purchased your annuity with after-tax dollars, only the earnings are taxed.

Like any financial strategy or vehicle, annuities do not work well for everyone. Take a look and see what they may have for your unique situation. For many owners, the guaranteed* monthly income helps them live a more financially confident retirement.

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Josh Mellberg

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