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NextGen Annuities™

When you retire, you're no longer earning employment income, but living off the money you've put aside, instead. Now is an opportune time to review your financial goals and dreams, as well as explore ways to make your retirement assets last for your lifetime.

Retirement income planning time is very different from time spent playing against the stock market risk for possible gain. In fact, your financial strategy often shifts from accumulation to preservation. If you want to help your retirement assets be not only preserved, but have the opportunity to grow, consider annuities.

NextGen Annuity™ strategies may be able to help you get up to 33 percent more income ^ income in retirement. We work with top-rated carriers to leverage annuity contract terms and benefits with the goal of increasing your guaranteed* monthly income, to most closely meet your financial needs and goals.

With NextGen Annuities™ you can:

  • Receive an income stream for life** so you can spend with greater confidence throughout your retirement
  • Have control of your money so you can access it if you need it***
  • Receive guaranteed* and increasing income^ so you can relax knowing your money will be there month in and month out with the same spending power down the road, even with inflation**
  • Have the potential for growth linked to a market index upside without the market downside so you can ensure your principal is protected from market volatility
  • Double or even triple your income with certain riders** for home healthcare with qualifying health care conditions

 NextGen™ Annuity Strategies

NextGen Annuity™ strategies focus on protection from downside market risk using annuities that are one of the most well-protected places to put your money. Here's why:

  • They are guaranteed* by highly-rated insurance companies
  • The insurance companies must meet strict financial reserves for your protection
  • The insurance company must have 1:1 in reserves for every annuity they sell
  • Your insurer keeps the equivalent of your annuity claim amount in reserves, while investing in conservative options like investment grade bonds with other monies
  • The insurance companies may also engage re-insurers, which helps spread out their risk from one to multiple companies


“My biggest passion is for learning,” says President Josh Mellberg. “Once I learn something, I can’t wait to share it with my clients and my team.” Mellberg helps clients understand their retirement options and risk tolerance and then provides guidance on which insurance, annuity and investment options may make the most sense.




Josh Mellberg

President, J.D. Mellberg Financial