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One of America's Top Retirement Income Strategists Reveals:

Ways To Potentially Increase Your Monthly Retirement Income - Up to 33%^ - WITHOUT Risking a Dime in the Stock Market

Dear Reader,

If you're tired of wondering whether or not you'll have enough income to support your retirement lifestyle, then this message could be eye-opening.

Here's why: You're about to discover a way to lock-in a guaranteed* monthly income stream, potentially up to 33%^ total income higher than you might otherwise collect.

Income you'll collect every month even if you live to 120**...money that continues to grow with inflation...**

Money that will never erode in a spiraling stock market...

Ways to potentially boost your guaranteed* monthly income.

Hi, my name is Josh Mellberg.

You might have seen me on the PBS special: 'Ways to Maximize Your Retirement Income.'

I'm what's known as a wealth preservation and retirement income planning strategist.

Today, I want to help you kick-start your journey toward the retirement lifestyle you truly deserve.

You see, we have observed that many U.S. workers WON'T have enough savings or investments to draw an income throughout their retirement years, especially as those years become longer.

In fact, 54% of the population now nearing retirement could have as little as $10,000 in assets at retirement age...

That's a whopping 175 million people retiring with no income other than Social Security benefits.

I don't know about you, but when I retire, there's no chance Social Security benefits will come close to covering my expenses – I plan to enjoy a more interesting lifestyle than that.

Look, if you've ever found yourself wondering "Have I done enough?"

"Will there be enough?"

Keep reading...

As you're about to see, there are ways you could potentially increase the amount of monthly income you collect in retirement...even up to 33%^

A strategy using a retirement income product the U.S. Department of Treasury has encouraged!

If you haven't guessed already, I'm talking about annuities – and employing strategies to optimize your Social Security benefits and annuity cashflow.

Maybe you've heard about annuities before...

The truth is, many people may not really understand annuities...worse, some people may buy annuities that aren't suited to their personal financial and retirement situation.

But here's the thing... under certain circumstances, suitable annuities may serve as an integral part of your retirement income.

Imagine always having income to cover your bills. Enough money to take a vacation once a year...enough to spoil your grand-kids at Christmas.

A custom JD Mellberg annuity strategy could fit into your retirement perfectly.

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I have been pleased from the time I responded to the video, and was contacted by a marketing person, who referred me to a Lincoln, NE local consultant. He has patiently and personally taken the necessary time to explain the annuity process to us. I value his help, and trust that this [annuity contract] will be one that works well for us. His assistance evaluating our retirement income situation and pointing out the details of my mutual fund account was appreciated. While I am not a "savvy" investor, I am a capable woman, and he respectfully treated me as a peer. I hope that this annuity will perform as described. Thank you! ~ Ruth A., NE
Download my free report "JD Signature Annuity Strategies: Tips for Buying the Right Annuity for YOU" today and you'll discover:

Ways you may potentially increase your monthly income up to 33%^ with Social Security# optimization and a customized JD Mellberg annuity strategy

Why bigger may not always be better when it comes to insurance companies (and how we select some highly-rated insurance companies for your consideration)...

The annuity that has the potential to grow your annuity principal by additional amounts linked to the upside growth of a rising stock market index and with no losses to market volatility. If the market takes a big correction, you don't lose a dime

Case study: how you might save $100,000 or more by choosing an annuity that fits your financial situation and retirement goals

How you can lock-in annuity income could be 100% tax free§

Here's what you'll need to do...

Download your free report now and discover ways you might lock in a higher guarantee* lifetime income**

Bottom line: annuities are designed to provide you with a reliable, guaranteed* income stream. While others may be leaving the outcome of their retirement in the stock market...you'll be assured of collecting a steady and potentially growing income...**

Because once you select a fixed index annuity that's right for your unique situation...

You could see a stock market correction tomorrow
and you won't lose a penny to it...

Remember that old mantra 'the stock market always goes up'? While this is historically true over time, it isn't true every year.

So try telling that mantra to the retirees who were in the market in 2008.

Well, with a fixed index annuity contract, you can potentially enjoy growth in addition to the guaranteed interest rate, if the linked stock market index rises, without exposure to the downside.

I don't know of any other retirement income product on the planet that can make you that kind of promise.*


Fill out the form to your right now and I'll send you my free report "JD Signature Annuity Strategies: Tips for Buying the Right Annuity for YOU." Inside you'll learn all about ways a fixed index annuity, with enhanced benefits available with purchase of riders, may increase your financial confidence in retirement – and help you live the lifestyle you're after.

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We've combed through 3,000 annuity contracts
so you only get the best interest rates

You want the best rates...and the highest payout for your money.

That's a given...

But hunting down the right annuities to suit your personal situation can be hard work.

That's why we've done all the hard work for you. We've reviewed over 3,000 annuity contracts and zoned in on some of the most attractive interest rates and annuity benefits for many retirees and pre-retirees.

In fact, only 1% of agents have access to the proprietary products we do. That means you may find the highest rates and most flexible annuity benefits available.

We've helped thousands of clients around the country boost their retirement income. We want to do the same for you...

ray e., fl
At least now I don't have to be concerned that my IRA will go down the tubes. I'm not young anymore and can't afford to lose or go backwards. I may not get as much as I had hoped for but at least I'll get a decent monthly check.
~ Ray E., FL

Loni D., OR
We met with our financial professional who was completely prepared, extremely knowledgeable of her subject and provided an excellent delivery to my husband and me. She was very patient and thorough and answered all our questions with ease. She is the whole package. 5 Stars for our financial professional.
~ Loni D., OR

I felt very comfortable working with the representative and I was not hesitant to share all our financial information with him, as I felt he was working for our best interest. I would recommend them to anyone looking for someone to trust. Thanks

Robert V., WI
I asked for information and got it fast with follow up contact from a local agent who was out to see me within a day or two. We put a deal together that was right for me without me feeling pressured.
~ Robert V., WI

Here's what you'll need to do...

Download your free report now and discover ways you might lock in a higher guarantee* lifetime income**

Simply click here to fill out the form and you'll receive my free report "JD Signature Annuity Strategies: Tips for Buying the Right Annuity for YOU."

Inside you'll discover how you can potentially increase your monthly income with our strategies, including optimizing your Social Security# benefits and customizing a fixed index annuity with the riders you find most valuable…

Don't leave your retirement strategy to tomorrow.

You've worked hard...you deserve to live your retirement with financial confidence...with assurance that you'll have enough income to pay your bills – and live the life you want.

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Please note that the examples herein are not company nor product specific. They are concepts shown to give you general information of the benefits and limitations of the products and are not designed to be a recommendation to buy any specific financial product or service. Products change and such product concepts may not be suitable for your needs or available in your state.

1 Shin, Laura. "The Retirement Crisis: Why 68% of Americans Aren't Saving in an Employer Sponsored Plan." Forbes, 04/09/15. http://www.forbes.com/sites/laurashin/2015/04/09/the-retirement-crisis-why-68-of-americans-arent-saving-in-an-employer-sponsored-plan/

2 Lange, Jason. "Washington tweaks retirement fund policy to encourage annuities." Reuters, October 24, 2014. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/10/24/usa-tax-annuities-idUSL2N0SJ13C20141024 noting that the Department of Treasury now permits plan sponsors to incorporate deferred income annuities into 401(k) plans.

*Annuity guarantees rely on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company and are not guaranteed by any bank or the FDIC.

**Some annuities may have a lifetime income guarantee as part of the base policy; others may have riders available that provide this benefit. Riders may also be available for benefits like an annual increase to help combat inflation or for as much as doubling your income in case of a qualifying health event. Optional riders may be available with a charge.

# JD Mellberg and JD Signature Annuity Strategies are not affiliated with nor endorsed by any government agency, including the Social Security Administration.

^Increased income possible with JD Signature Annuity Strategies over using [one annuity alone / individual strategies / individual's strategy]. This approach will follow a specific strategy suited to your financial goals and may require buying multiple annuities. Results will only be realized by working closely with your agent over an extended period of time to help make sure the strategies are used correctly. You will have to keep the annuity product(s) purchased for the full term, and your results could vary. These results are not possible in case of excess withdrawals or complete surrender, and you may incur penalties. Not appropriate for all retirees. Not available in all states. All interest is taxed upon withdrawal. If you have questions about your JD Signature Annuity Strategies, please contact your agent.

§Tax-free income may be realized through one of several strategies such as: using an existing Roth IRA in conjunction with an indexed annuity for guaranteed* income, converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, or utilizing a strategy incorporating a life insurance policy contract. Income taxes will apply to traditional IRA distributions and conversions.

This article is meant to provide general information on issues that many people consider in making the decision as to whether or not they should buy annuities; and if they do decide to buy, which types of annuities and which annuity benefits and additional riders will best suit their goals and needs. This information is not designed to be a recommendation to buy any specific financial product or service.

By responding to this offer you may be contacted by a licensed insurance agent regarding retirement income planning using fixed insurance products. Josh Mellberg is insurance licensed in all 50 states (AR364647/CA0G91919/TX1567166) and all employees of J.D. Mellberg Financial have the appropriate licenses for the products they offer.