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Want up to 33% more income^ than other retirement strategies can offer?

J.D. Signature Annuity Strategies™ can work with you to get up to 33% more income^ by working with top-rated financial carriers and leveraging annuity contract terms and benefits to help get you higher guaranteed* monthly income, customized for your financial needs and goals. Simply fill out the short form on this page to find out more.

JD Signature Annuity Strategies™

  • Income stream for life** so you can spend with greater confidence throughout your retirement
  • You have control of your money so you can access it if you need it***
  • Guaranteed* and increasing income^ so you can relax knowing your money will be there month in and month out and have the same spending power down the road, even with inflation
  • You have potential for growth linked to a market index upside without the market downside so you can feel rest assured your principal is protected
  • Your income can even double or triple with certain riders^ for home healthcare with qualifying healthcare conditions
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J.D. Signature Annuity Strategies™ can help you get up to 8% income. We work with top-rated financial carriers to get you higher guaranteed monthly income, as much as 20-40% more than leading competitors. Simply fill out the short form on this page to find out more.

JD Signature Annuity Strategies™

JD Signature Annuity Strategies book

Taking a Close, Hard Look at Annuities: Is an Annuity Right For You?

Variable Annuities: The Truth Revealed At Last!

#1 Mistake Retirees Make When Investing In The Stock Market

#1 Mistake Retirees Make When Investing In The Stock Market


The only asset available on the market today that can offer all this...

  • 1

    secure principal protection

  • 2

    is not tied to market volatility

  • 3

    pays guaranteed* income for life

  • 4

    income that can be up to 100% tax free§

  • 5

    offers a hedge against inflation

  • 6

    can increase with market upside without any negative effect from a market downturn

  • 7

    spousal continuation**

  • 8

    can triple to pay for qualifying healthcare costs**

  • 9

    liquidity - access your money anytime***

  • 10

    typically cost less than 1% in fees, fully transparent an annuity (excluding the "variable" annuity).

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There are four main types of annuities and one special type of annuity. Most people aren’t aware of the benefits of each type, or the top annuity flaws of each type.

What’s important to recognize is that not all retirees are the same, so one size does not fit all. You and your neighbor, who may be retiring at the same time, may have very different, or even just slightly different, available assets and income needs during retirement. But each of you will need a customized strategy that’s uniquely designed for you.

That’s exactly what we do here. We have the ability and expertise to help find precisely the right terms with the right type of annuity to meet your retirement needs, and maybe even surpass them! But, it all starts with you understanding how these savings and income vehicles work.

When you are at the point in life that you are living off the savings you worked for throughout your life, you should re-review your financial goals and consider the following for yourself.

Retirement income planning causes a major shift in the financial priority structure for most people.

  • Wealth Accumulation Goals
  • Growth
  • Steady Income
  • Preservation of Income
  • Retirement Goals
  • Preservation of Principal
  • Steady Income
  • Growth

Retirement income planning is very different from playing the market for possible gain.

Proven instruments for accomplishing retirement goals such as these are annuities. Let me tell you about one type. Generically, it’s called a fixed indexed annuity. We call it a “hybrid” annuity.

Less than 1% of agents and advisors in the U.S. have access to the array of proprietary prod- ucts we do. And then our exclusive approach to leveraging the features and benefits involves strategic design and tailored structuring to achieve these goals of our clients:

  • Protection of principal (savings)
  • Know they have predictable, guaranteed* income for life
  • Potentially get up to 33% more income^ than other retirement strategies can offer
  • Enjoy, at minimum, tax-deferred, and in many cases, tax-free,§ income
  • Highest contractual guarantees,* (they’re not always from bonus or growth rate)
  • Realize gains from the market upside, but no losses from market downturns
  • And more features available for you, your family and your situation**

Finally, “hybrid” annuities are actually considered one of the more secure places to put your money. Here’s why:

  • they are guaranteed* by highly-rated insurance companies

  • the Department of Insurance in your state has very strict rules the insurance companies must abide by, for your protection

  • your insurer is not allowed to invest your money in risky investments, but only with options like investment grade bonds

  • they must have at least have 1:1 in reserves

  • the insurance companies also engage re-insurers, which helps spread out their risk from one to multiple companies